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Reduce Bodily Tension In the Workplace

This workshop offers advice on how to combat muscular tension and pain, repetitive strain, headaches and eye strain that often results from working in an office environment. Simple exercises and stretches will be shown that can be done at your desk.  The exercises will help you to feel more alert and prevent pain and stiffness from developing.

How the body builds up tension

The body was designed to perform at its optimum level when in a good posture. Unfortunately over time we tend to pick up bad habits like slouching, leaning or sitting at our desks in really strange positions.

Desk-based stretches & exercises

Learn specific stretches that reduce over worked and tired muscles.  These simple but effective exercises are easy to carry out at work on a daily basis giving immediate and long term benefits by helping to alleviate aches and pains. Including breathing techniques that also encourages oxygen to muscles.

how core stability exercises prevent back pain

Unfortunately as we get older the less elastic we become; we can delay this process with regular stretching & core stability exercise to keep us strong.

Back Care - A Practical Core Stability Class To Prevent Back Pain & Improve Posture

The body was designed to perform at its optimum level when in a position of good posture. Prolonged bad posture means that the body will tighten in certain areas and loosen in other areas. Muscles will become weaker and some may not even work at all.  This class will show you exercise and stretches that will loosen those muscles that have become tight & tighten muscles that have become loose. Basically you will be working towards bringing your body back into perfect posture so that it can function at its optimum level.   This is a slow, gentle class that suits all fitness levels.  For this class we will need a room with a little space where people can perform there stretches and exercises on the floor and a chair to sit on.

What is core stability & why is it important?

The term 'core' refers to those muscles closest to the spine that provide the first initial support structure. The core muscles lie deep within the trunk of the body. Before any movement occurs the core muscles are the first to activate, creating a firm foundation to stabilize the spine.

Exercises to strengthen your core

We work the abdominals especially the transverse abdominals muscle that is the main focus of attention; it acts like a belt/corset, taking the pressure off the back.   A simple exercise routine will be shown that can be done on a regular basis.

how will this improve your back care?

When all of these core muscles are doing what they were designed to do, they provide a fantastic support mechanism to allow the spine to bend, twist, flex and extend, helping to keep you fit and to prevent injury.

Exercise for a healthier you & prevent repetitive back pain

Reasons why you should exercise and why it's important to choose the right type of exercise for you.  Plan how you can incorporate exercise into your week and how to maintain this.  Gain a good understanding of how backs work and what causes common back pain.  We talk about prevention methods and different types of treatments for back pain.

reasons why you should exercise

If exercise is so good for us then why do we find it so hard to exercise regularly? It wasn't always that way. In high school, you probably couldn't wait for lunch time because it was a time to walk, run, jump, and be outside. You were exercising and enjoying every minute of it. Now it's more of a chore.

plan how you can incorporate exercise into your week 

This is different for everybody.  It’s important to ask yourself some questions before planning exercise into your life, this done correctly will avoid stop and start and stop again syndrome that people tend to fall into.

Also all-round fitness involves a balanced approach in three areas: aerobic exercise, strength exercises and flexibility exercises.

gain a good understanding of how backs work

The body was designed to perform at its optimum level when it is in a position of good posture. Prolonged bad posture means that the body will tighten in certain areas and loosen in other areas. Muscles will become weaker and some may not even work at all.

what can cause back pain

The back is one of the most injury prone areas that causes pain, lost time, expense, inconvenience & disability. Some causes of back pain are poor posture, a trip or a fall that strains/pulls a muscle, lack of exercise causing stomach and back weakness, excess weight around the stomach putting pressure on the back, an illness/infection/virus or arthritis can cause back pain.

Stress management - building personal resilience

This workshop is designed to provide individuals with a range of tools and techniques to help them manage the pressures and anxieties they face on a day-to-day basis more effectively, creating positive health behaviours in their lives. By the end of this workshop they will be able to recognise both positive and negative stress and will have acquired many techniques to put in place to help manage the negative stress before it becomes damaging to their health.   

what is stress?

Many people think stress is wholly negative; in fact it can be either positive or negative. We need a certain amount of pressure to keep us alive, motivated and to meet challenges. 

what happens to your body both physically and mentally as a result of a stressful thought?

It’s important to understand that the mind and body don't distinguish the difference between imaginary and reality.  Your nervous system will still react to your thoughts and if they are negative it will release the stress hormones into your body that can cause many health problems.

tools to help cope with everyday pressure

We will look at many effective tools to build resilience to stress.  These are easy to do and can be turned into a habit in everyday life, so when times seem tough you are able to recognise it and manage it better. We also look at the crucial link between stress and diet, physical activity and using the power of relaxation to reduce stress.

Relaxation In The Workplace

This workshop is the ideal way to de-stress your workforce with some quick and easy techniques that you can build into your daily routine, bringing a sense of calm to your busy lifestyle.  This will improve self-awareness and build new positive thinking patterns and habits.

why it is important that we use time effectively for relaxation

Every thought you have will impact the way your body functions. The most effective way to improve your health and wellbeing is to relax. Learn how important relaxation is to your health with proven techniques designed to reduce day-to-day stress, leaving you relaxed & clear headed.

focus on breathing, meditation and visualisation

Learning to breathe more deeply can help you feel a lot calmer and using the power of your mind through meditation and visualization to improve your mood and general health. This session will introduce different techniques and explain the long-term benefits of regular practice.

learn about mindfulness

Mindfulness is a technique that involves making a special effort to give your full attention to what is happening in the present moment – to what's happening in your body, your mind and your surroundings, so that we become more aware of them.

Practicing mindfulness makes you feel more connected to your body and gives you breathing space between thought and action.

eating well to boost concentration & reduce tiredness

In this workshop we talk about making small nutritional changes to incorporate the right food groups in your daily diet to improve concentration & reduce the foods that zap your energy. We look at what the brains top 10 health foods are & how they play a big role in boosting your energy & concentration.

a brains healthy diet

Your brain weighs just 3lbs or so - a fraction of overall body weight - but it gobbles up about 20 per cent of your daily calorie intake. A brain-healthy diet is essential for keeping your memory and intellect sharp and improving your mood.

what are the brains top 10 healthy foods and why do they boost your energy and concentration

Good powers of concentration depend on keeping the messages flowing freely between brain cells.  These cells need oxygen to fire up and send a message, and they get it from blood sugar. Simply ensuring an adequate and steady calorie intake throughout the day is therefore the first step to keeping focused and alert.

food and drink plan to help sustain concentration and energy levels

Boost your productivity during the day by adding the top 10 brain healthy foods to your own daily food plan.  Look at how you can make small changes and gain big results. 

Boost Your immune System to prevent illness

Your Immune system protects and defends your body from the invasions of bacteria, viruses and toxins from the outside world. Learn how the food you eat provides the building blocks for healthy cells. We will talk about the damaging effects of free radicals & why a diet high in antioxidants plays an important role in a healthy immune system. In this session the attendees will see how quick it is to make an immune system smoothie and breakfast mix.  They will also have the opportunity to try these.

damaging effects of free radicals and the benefits of antioxidants

Free radicals cause ageing & a variety of diseases like arthritis, heart diseases & cancer triggered by damaged cell DNA. Antioxidants are nutrients that can neutralize free radicals playing an important role in a healthy immune system.

take a closer look at which food groups play a positive role in maintaining a healthy immune system and which foods are damaging

You've probably heard a lot about whole grains, but do you really know what whole grains are – or why they're so beneficial? We are often told to have 5 a day but how much food makes up 5 a day?

how our body uses water and why it's cruial to our health

2/3 (two thirds) of our body consists of water, which is therefore our most important nutrient.

smoothie and breakfast mix immune ststem booster

In this session people will see how quick it is to make a smoothie and breakfast mix.  They will also have the opportunity to try it.

increase your energy levels through nutrition

We look at making smart decisions with the food we eat so everyone is alert and performing their best.  When energy levels are poor, our immune system suffers along with our mood and enthusiasm for life. This workshop is designed to suggest simple changes that can be incorporated into your everyday life to help boost energy levels.

The power of food

Did you know that you could improve your memory, feel more energised, happier and healthier, all by gaining a little basic knowledge about giving your body the best possible intake of nutrition.

what is your metabolism and why is this important for energy

Metabolism is the process of turning fuel in food into energy that the body can use for growth & general functions e.g. respiration.

carbohydrates & glycemic index (GI)

Its main function is to provide energy to the body & more important, energy to the brain. GI measures the rate at which carbohydrate in food is broken down into energy.

breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

During the night your blood sugar levels will have plummeted so it's important to refuel your body first thing in the morning. We look at healthy eating for those who are short of time.  A healthy eating guide is provided that includes a variety of meal options that are healthy and quick to prepare.

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